Thursday, April 7, 2011

Strange Sighting

I was up bright and early today to wait for the window repair guy.  One of our brand new windows that we just got in January started leaking during a big rainfall we got two days ago.  Needless to say I was NOT impressed.  Anyway, the company told me they'd be here "first thing" today.  Now clearly I ought to have asked an approximate time, but assumed (yes I know) that since they were here at 7am when they installed the windows, that 'first thing' meant sometime before 8am.  So here I sit, waiting.  It ticks me off to no end.

I realize that I am currently not working, so it's not as big a deal for me to sit around waiting, but it is hard to do with a baby.  I can't go anywhere, or get into anything too involved.  I've locked the dogs in the kitchen so they don't bother the work guys, but they've now been there for almost 2 hours.  I am now trying to figure out whether to put Little Miss down for her nap or wait, because they'll just wake her when they get here.  Argh!

While I wait, I keep getting up to look out the front window.  Today is garbage day, and our paper recycling box was outside as well.  The recycle truck pulled up and went first to our neighbour's house.  I sometimes will watch the garbage or recycle guys because occasionally, they will throw the box down without totally emptying it and garbage will roll down the driveway or street.  It bugs me.

Today, the recycle guy walked towards our box, bent down, and, um, opened the newspaper on top and started flipping through it.  I watched more closely trying to figure out what he was doing.  He then changed to a second paper further down the pile and pulled it out, opened it and began reading.  At the end of my driveway.  I looked around frantically to find my camera but it was downstairs.  Damn.  Why did I have to put it away?  The recycle guy continued to read my paper for about two minutes, while I watched him.  He did not look up but occasionally turned the page as if trying to find something.  I wanted to run and get the camera, but I was stuck like a deer in the headlights, not wanting to tear myself away in case I missed something.  I was caught somewhere between laughter and confusion.  But you know what this means?  In two weeks, when it is recycle day again, you can be darn sure that I'll be putting the papers on top of the box and sitting by the window with my camera (and maybe a bag of popcorn).

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