Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Just Don't Get It

This whole fascination with the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen.  I mean I do get it in a way but it makes me kind of sad.  The fact that he is spiralling out of control, and clearly is unstable and people are paying money to see it.  Like a circus freak show.

Maybe I am more sensitive to it having worked for several years with people with mental health issues and addictions issues, but it just makes me sad to see these hangers-on practically popping popcorn to watch the next crazy thing he says or does.  I was actually a bit happy to hear how awful his first live show went and that people booed him off stage...not happy that he continues to melt down in front of the world, but it gave me a sense of satisfaction to know that these people, some of whom paid a lot of money, were disappointed.

It also makes me sad to see Hollywood celebrities who earn a ton of money and can pay their entourage to agree with them being able to do anything they want.  They often just discard the ones who don't agree with their choices or decisions even if they have the person's best interests at heart.  The money and other people's greed allows the celeb to melt down and continue to be enabled and propped up until they either have no more money, or they die.  These are very generalized statements of course and thankfully it is the few in this scenario and not the many, but nonetheless when it plays out on a world stage, it becomes larger than life.

I think back to Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson - they had money and people in their back pockets, willing to do anything for them even if it would eventually lead them to their deaths.  I think Britney Spears got lucky in having a family who seems to have been a support, even when she didn't want them to be. 

If I had my way people would stop gawking and staring at the Charlie Sheen train wreck and let the craziness die off a bit...maybe it would push him to seek help for whatever demons he clearly possesses.

**Steps off the soapbox**

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