Sunday, April 17, 2011

TV Dinner Anyone?

I seriously think I have seen it all.  Well, maybe not  all of it, but after seeing what I have just seen, I am halfway between laughter and open mouth drooling.  I was surfing away on Facebook when I noticed a friend who'd recently moved to another city commented on the Rotisserie Channel.

Now most people have heard of the Fireplace Channel, where they have a crackling fire going all day and night, with new logs being placed on the fire at regular intervals.  The crackling makes you feel like you're almost...not quite but almost in the same room as the fire.  And if you watch it on my old tv it heats up just like a real fire too for amazing 4D effects!

But I had to wonder what the heck the Rotisserie Channel I asked "You mean chickens spinning all day long?"  I was really trying to be funny, thinking I must be totally out of the loop on this one.  Nope.  It really is chickens, spinning on a rotisserie...All. Day. Long.

To be quite honest, it actually makes me hungry for rotisserie chicken...great advertising!  Here is a video for those of you who want to live the full, mouth watering experience.


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