Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Memory Woes

Dying laughing as I realize that I forgot to include a key mommy memory lapse in my last post.  Oh the irony!

We decided to host Christmas for my Dad's side of the family this past Christmas.  It was likely not the smartest idea seeing as we had a three month old and hadn't had a solid night's sleep in months, however being that we are in a new house we wanted to have people over to check it out.

I made the main meal, while people brought either an appetizer, salad or dessert.  My Uncle M made AMAZING chocolate cheesecake from scratch...so yummy!  He left us a decent sized piece to enjoy the next day as well.  I had a small piece the following day and put the tupperware back in the fridge.  About 6 weeks later, as I was grabbing a container to store some leftovers, I pulled out  a clear container with something very nasty inside.  I actually thought it was a mouse or some other living creature.

Can you guess what it was?

Yep - chocolate cheesecake.  Several weeks old.  Sitting in our cupboard.  mmmmmm

Of course my first thought was "What a waste!?!?!!"  And then I started to wonder how the heck I had put the full container back in the cupboard without realizing it was heavier than it ought to have been, or that there was a large brown chunk of something in it???

Ahhh the joys of memory loss.  (And sorry for wasting the cheesecake Uncle M!)

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