Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Suffer From Mommy Memory Loss

Yep.  I've known it for awhile but am just starting to realize the massive mommy memory loss from which I suffer.  Or rather, the people around me suffer...I just forget to suffer.

When I was in my mid 20's, I worked five part time jobs to pay the bills.  I was trying to find my passion, and figured I might as well try a bunch of things to figure out which direction I should take.  While juggling five jobs I was generally able to keep track of five schedules at once.  I did keep a small calendar, but usually didn't need it, and could tell you in a heartbeat where I was working and when for the following week.  Now...not so much.

I forget to buy stuff at the grocery store, I forget appointments, I walk into a room and forget why I went there.  At least once daily, as I am walking through the house I will stop to determine why I am actually going to the basement...I know I needed to go there but why?  I will do a mental run down of everything I might possibly need...tools? nope. laundry? nope. craft supplies? nope. extra food from the pantry? nope.  cleaning supplies?  oh yes that's what I needed.  Daily I tell you!

I am currently trying to get my son off his arse the couch to get a summer job.  Two years ago he worked at a golf course and put in 40 hour weeks.  he earned a ton of cash, but I think it burned him out.  Last year he procrastinated like crazy when I suggested a job search, and finally told me he really didn't want to work.  He said it'd likely be his last chance to be lazy and he really wanted to take advantage.  I think the fact that we moved to a house with a pool contributed as well.  Nonetheless, we let him be lazy, and he perfected the trait.  The first two weeks we spent hundreds of dollars in groceries to feed the hoards of boys that came to hang out.  We then told him we didn't mind feeding his friends once in awhile, but feeding four extra boys daily was ridiculous.

This year, he will be getting his driver's license, and I know he'll want to use the car.  With this he gets to pay for some gas since it currently costs your first born child to drive anywhere (coincidentally he is my first born, but I digress).  I've mentioned job searching a couple of times since March - not nagging, but just reminding.  he's very picky about where he wants to work, so I told him that he needs to get out and apply in person.  He was initially insistent that he could apply online but generally the places that he'll be looking at don't advertise their jobs.  As well, the best way to get a job is to go in person, talk to the manager, make eye contact, smile, and show them that he has the social skills to deal with the public.

My good friend told me about a Youth job Fair the city was putting on and I told her I'd mention it to the boy.  Yesterday I was so disappointed when I realized I'd forgotten about the job fair and we'd missed it. I debated emailing said friend to tell her we'd forgotten, but hadn't done so.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the job fair on the local news today - it was today!  And this time we really did miss it!

I really must start doing memory training!  Or write down EVERYTHING!

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