Friday, April 1, 2011

Can Jumping Jacks Kill Me?

Today, as I was sweating buckets during my Level 2 workout, I began to wonder if I might die.  Seriously.

When I caught myself looking around for a safe place to throw up, just in case, it made me realize that this might just be the most difficult workout I have ever done.  I seriously hate plank jacks.  Ever heard of them?  You put yourself in a push up position (a plank) and then jump your feet apart and together in a jumping jack motion.  It. Is. Painful.

Once I was done and wiped up the floor, I started googling "death during exercise" and other similar phrases.  I was certain that I'd find mass amounts of people who'd died from plank jacks, lunges, and military presses.  It turns out that it's pretty rare to actually die from these moves (even though you want to).  When it happens to younger people it's generally from a heart defect and when it happens to older people it's generally from coronary artery disease.  Most of what I found talked about how exercise helps you live longer and healthier...blah blah blah.  Seriously, I could have died.  I mean plank jacks?  Who thinks of this shit?

All kidding aside I feel so much stronger now than when I started.  It feels good to be conquering these workouts, no matter how painful.  And I can do man push ups now!  I have never, ever been able to do them!  I don't get super low to the floor, but I'm getting there and am determined to be able to do 20 real man push ups (in a row) at some point soon!

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