Friday, April 22, 2011


What is wrong with them?  When do they cease to be living, breathing, food inhaling aliens and morph into real live humans?

My kiddo got his report card yesterday.  I knew it would be decent because his teachers had all told me so. It was nice to not have to break into a cold sweat while opening the envelope.  As I looked at his marks I was pleased to see he got all B's and one A+.  Nice job kiddo.  When my dear hubby came home, we hopped in the car to meet friends for dinner.  Along the way, I told my kiddo to tell hubby about his report card.  He says, "What is there to tell?"  I reply "Tell him about your marks," trying not to start nose breathing while containing my frustration.  He says, "75, 73, 71, 93."  Yep.  That was his way to tell his step dad about his report card.  I then asked him to be more specific...he says "You mean like what I got the mark in?"  I am not quite sure how he has managed to make it to grade 11.

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