Monday, April 4, 2011

Stopped Up, Constipated, Irregular, Ouch

No not me!!!  My sweet Little Miss.  For the second time in two weeks she's unable to go.  Last time, she went three or four days, and just as we were getting worried, she had 12 dirty diapers in a day and a half.  Yep. Twelve.  It was astounding to see how much her little body had held on to.  Well gross too, but shocking!

I feel so bad for her - her little face gets red and her eyes watery but she just can't go.  We are now on day four or five.  We have tried cutting out all cereal, massaging her belly, moving her legs in a bicycle motion and warm baths to relax her.  Nothing. Nada. Zip.

She has had a couple of tiny per day, but they are about the size of a gumball...clearly not enough.  (Don't ya just love reading this blog???) I suspect it's from changing her formula recently.  Having learned from the last time we had to change formulas (someday I'll write about Poopsplosion 2010) this time we have done it very gradually.  Slowly adding more and more of the new formula and using less and less of the old.  We thought it was working, but clearly there are issues.

After looking online I saw that perhaps we should limit the amount of applesauce and bananas she is getting.  It never occurred to me but when you have diarrhea, they recommend the BRAT diet.  Bananas, applesauce, rice and toast.  It is all bland and supposed to help 'stop you up' so to speak, so it makes perfect sense that while Little Miss is stopped up she ought not be eating these things!  I feel kinda dumb for not catching that one!

If we don't have any success by tomorrow I'll be calling the doctor.  In the meantime I went out today and bought baby food prunes and prune juice.  I am told that I can mix the prune juice 50/50 with water and give her small amounts.  I just feel so bad for her.  She gets these horrible pains that cause her face to scrunch up almost looking like a mix of excruciating pain and fear.  It's obviously understandable but so sad to watch her go through!

Wish us luck for Poopgate 2011!

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