Sunday, April 3, 2011


My sista bought a house about a year ago. She has been recently looking to redecorate (or just decorate I guess). They are buying some awesome wallpaper for one wall, a new chandelier and just bought a new dining room table. They were considering round or rectangular as long as there was enough room to have six people around the table. Their current table only comfortably seats four, and they like to entertain. I asked dear sis if they'd gone with a round table and she said no, that the round would be quite big and she said it would feel weird when it was just her and her hubby eating. If they sit across from each other it's too far but if they sit side by side it's bizarre. I came up with a solution for her. I told her to just sit based on the current time. Her hubby could be the big hand on the clock and she the little hand. If it's four PM she sits at the 12 and he at the 4. Or if it's six PM he's at the 6 and she at the 12. It makes mealtime fun and perhaps a bit like the game Twister if it's 6:30 pm.


Dogs with balls of poop hanging from their butts are gross. Mores when they try to jump on your bed before you can get them outside.

I *think* my plant might be coming back to life.  I will post a pic after but it looks like the ends of many of the branches have new growth coming up.  I was about to bring it to Grandma's yesterday to hopefully save it when I noticed all the new growth.  Maybe I'm not such a terrible planty-mommy after all.  I bought some miracle grow and watered it in...I am so excited!  Thank you for your suggestions on how to give CPR to my plant!  I'm told it might be a ficus.  I've decided to name it...Sam.  Sam the Ficus.  Pics to follow soon!

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