Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Need Palmolive!

Remember those commercials where Madge used Palmolive to soften her hands?  Perhaps I need to switch to Palmolive, because my hands are in rough shape.  Rough like a number 140 an emery board...lovely no?  I suspect it's due to all of the extra loads of dishes I do since being home during the day.  We do have a dishwasher, but I still do dishes probably twice per day to wash up tupperware and bottles, baby food bowls and sippy cups and my hands are dying because of it!  My fingernails are horrendous...they have been breaking off one by one thisclose to the quick.  So far this week I have lost four nails and I am not happy about it.  I have never had amazing fingernails but this is pretty ridiculous, especially because they are all splitting in the same spot.

I looked it up online and although it *could* be a vitamin or mineral deficiency, the main cause seems to be washing dishes too often, or more specifically having your nails wet too often.  Something's gotta give.  If I keep up this pace I will have no chance of ever having these fingernails:

So, although I am not a big fan of using dish washing gloves (they make my hands feel hot), I think these will be in my immediate future:

Or these:

Aren't they pretty?

Until then...dear hubby, you're doing the dishes!

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therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

Could not be more on the same page with you.. between dishes, diapers and a toddler learning to wipe his butt my hands are in water all day! Gloves is where it's at.. I am doing a post on this soon to :) have a great weekend girl..