Tuesday, April 19, 2011


6:02 AM

That's what time Little Miss started making noise this morning.  It's not *that* early.  It's just that lately, she's been waking earlier and earlier.  I would just LOVE if she would sleep until 7:30 or 8:00...just once!  I really need to sleep in...just a bit!  I had the opportunity to sleep in on Saturday, but that night I had inexplicable insomnia, staring at the ceiling from 3:00Am until 6:00am.  That morning my dear hubby got up with Little Miss and I slept until 9:00AM...if you factor in the missed sleep I really only slept until - you guessed it - 6:00AM.

So this morning, when i heard her first coos and giggles, I did what any good but tired mom would do...I rolled over and turned down the baby monitor.  I then snuggled back into the blankets and closed my eyes, hoping for just a few more minutes of that precious resource...shut eye.

It worked for about 5 minutes, and then Little Miss could be heard through the wall, whining just a bit.  The thing I have learned with her is that sometimes, she wakes, plays a bit and falls back asleep for awhile, so today I was hoping and praying it was one of *those* days.  She was quiet for another 10 minutes or maybe even 15, and I tried desperately to sleep.  My eyes cooperated, remaining heavy and comfortably closed, but sleep eluded me.  When I heard her again around 6:40am, I decided that my time was limited, and if I wanted to get her breakfast together and a coffee on for me without her (or me) disolving into a pool of tears, I'd better get going. 

Up, dressed, face washed, contact lenses in...no sound from upstairs.  Coffee on, bottle warming, newspaper in the house...no sounds from upstairs.  Dogs outside, coffee made, bottle ready...no sound from upstairs.  Newspaper read, coffe drank, yogurt eaten...still no sound.  So here I sit blogging at 7:31 in the morning which my sweet princess has in fact gone back to dreamland.  GAH!

What to do. What to do.

Ho hum

Twiddling thumbs

Guess if I think *really* hard, I could find things to clean, wash, label, organize....better not think too hard then!

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Kayla said...

So sorry she woke you up so early! Hopefully you can catch up on some of that lost sleep tonight... :)