Monday, March 7, 2011

Bad Mom Alert

I was watching The Talk on CBS this afternoon and they started discussing parents having drinks while their kids are having play dates.  I had to laugh as I remembered one of my son's playdates when he was younger.

My sister, dear Hubby and I were having a couple of drinks and chatting one Saturday afternoon in my living room.  My son was outside playing street hockey as he always did from morning until night, and I checked on him from time to time to make sure he was okay.  The door bell rang, and I got up to answer it wondering who it could be as I wasn't expecting anyone.

There was a strange woman at the door, smiling at me.  As she introduced herself and said "I'm Jason's mom", my mind raced wondering 'who the heck is Jason?'  Instead of saying this out loud, I said "hi" and smiled.  She said "Thank you for letting Jason come over to play."  Aha!  I had never heard of Jason and had no idea what he looked like but suspected that if I looked outside I'd see my son playing with another boy who would probably be Jason.  I also knew that if I asked my kiddo, he'd tell me that he invited Jason over without asking or discussing it with me first...gotta love 7 year olds.

So I was in a predicament.  Do I honestly tell this smiling woman that I have no idea who Jason is and he most certainly wasn't invited by me?  Of course not.  I just pretended.  I said "Oh, no problem", not knowing exactly how long Jason was staying, whether I had to feed him or if he had brought a suitcase for an extended visit while his parents cruised around the world. 

I had had only 2 drinks but suddenly wondered if she could smell alcohol on my breath and wondered what kind of woman would invite kids over to play and then start drinking.  If she had that thought it apparently didn't worry her much because she then turned and left, leaving her little Jason on my street with a goalie mask on.

As I turned from the front door area, I saw my sister and dear Hubby almost rolling on the floor laughing, telling me how obvious it was that I had no clue who this woman or Jason was, and laughing harder at the fact that the woman left her precious cargo with the clueless, tipsy woman.


Angelltn+2 said...

That's funny...she was probably going home to have a few drinks herself!

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

LOVE IT.. made me laugh!