Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am almost literally dying of heat here.  Yes, in the middle of a sometimes arctic country, in the middle of March I have woken up the last three nights feeling somewhat like I have entered the Miss Hawaiian Tropics contest.

Tonight, as reminisced not so fondly of the insomnia that plagued me through my pregnancy, the thought suddenly struck me...could the thermostat be set too high?  It didn't seem possible seeing as we generally have it set to be warmer through the day and cooler at night, but thinking about the last three nights, I thought it either had to be a thermostat issue, or I was going through some early and unwelcome changes.  Please let it be the thermostat!

I trudged downstairs half naked...or half dressed...(which one makes me sound more like glass half full optimism and less like the creepy neighbour without curtains on the windows?)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the house temp had been overridden to maintain 23 degrees (74 farenheit).  That's balmy!  That's swimsuit weather.  That is NOT a nice temperature to sleep at for someone who likes to snuggle in my feather duvet.

I dropped the temp significantly, and decided to get a blog post in now at almost 3am while I wait for it to cool off lest I wake in the morning and have it all seem like a foggy dream...like the entire Newhart series.

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