Monday, March 14, 2011

Daycare Meeting

We are off tonight to meet with a potential daycare provider that we were referred to through a local agency.  It is unlikely we will actually go with this woman, as she is a bit farther than we prefer and not within our school zone.  It'll be awhile before Little Miss is in school but it's silly for her to be on a bus for 25-25 minutes when we live about 5 minutes from the closer school.  But...we figured it was worth going anyways.

As I was making a list of questions to ask her, I decided I'd blog about it, so I looked for a picture of a "crazy babysitter" to post in my blog. 

**Word of not Google the term "crazy babysitter pics" with small children in the room!  Eeeps!  Unless my dear Hubby is choosing our sitter, we'll be staying away from the scantily clad college coeds in those pictures!

I guess we want to avoid this
and hopefully get someone who will nuture and care for our Little Miss like family (or better!)

I did come across this picture and would probably want to avoid this too...

Although she kind of looks like she's having fun!

Anyhoo, gotta run and feed the kiddo before we go...wish us luck!


We just got back.  The woman and her husband were very, very nice and if Little Miss went there we'd have no concerns about her safety or well-being.  That said, it is not as close as we'd like, and the neighbourhood is somewhat unsavoury.  We felt a little awkward when the husband asked if we'd eaten, and we said we were going to when we got home as we had a hot meal waiting (yummy chicken, rice and veggies).  He offered us their leftovers and we politely declined, thanking him very much.  He then got up and plated food for us and asked "Who's first?"  We both felt really badly but again declined (felt really rude but dear hubby and I are extremely picky and we really did have a nice meal waiting...awkward)

We are likely going to tell the agency no for now but indicate that we were comfortable with the woman, and if we can't find something closer to home we may call them back to see if she still has an opening.

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