Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best. Baby. Toy. Ever. (so far!)

Lamaze Princess Sophie Play and Grow Doll

Little Miss got one at a baby shower and it went in a basket with all of the toys she got from her amazing family and friends.  We've been introducing them to her as she grows and so far she hasn't shown a whole lot of preference for any of them...except this one.  This seems to be the one toy so far that she just loves - the dress crinkles and she seems to enjoy the sound.  The 'crown' crinkles a bit and is extra thick material, so she chews on it.  The feet are soft material and lately they go almost all the way into her mouth.  There is a ring toy on the front that, while she hasn't shown much interest in yet, sure makes it easy to hold onto.  And finally, it hangs on a plastic ring that can help attach it anywhere, or be used as another 'handle'.  We literally don't leave home without Princess Sophie.


Deleted said...

That reminds me of Penelope's favorite toy, Freddy the Firefly. She loves to crinkle the wings. :)


We never leave home without it.

Staceroo said...

Oooh I've never seen that one! It looks pretty cool too!