Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uh Oh

Apparently my mother reads my blog.  Hi Mom!  She says she has lots of stories for me about how I was such a joyful child, bringing happiness and peace to her life.  She did say that.  Really. 

Anyway, Little Miss and I went to visit her today and had a lovely visit.  Little Miss didn't spit up all over Gramma like that time poor Gramma had to change her entire outfit cause she got peed on and then spit up on in one fell swoop, or that other time she had to change her sweater right before we went shopping cause of the giant spit up...poor Gramma!

Today Little Miss was great, albeit a bit tired.  She was smiley and laughed when Gramma whispered in her ear (I think they might have been talking about me but they wouldn't admit it). 

Before we left my mom gave me a pair of slippers that she'd knit...well, I'm not sure that she gave them willingly.  I saw them and told her I liked them and how it's too bad that she never knits anything for me (even though she knit an entire sweater-dress for my sister in high school)......that's when she gave them to me.  How thoughtful of her.

Here they are on my feet and I LOVE them - I guess I need to learn how to make them so I can start knitting something for Little Miss in high school!

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