Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Use Your Toilet For What?!?!?

I read an article today about the fact that many Canadians use their toilets for uses other than the obvious.  I started off thinking that the article must be about freaks and couldn't help but wonder what bizarre uses toilets have.

Then I realized I was guilty.

The article talked about people who use toilets to dispose of hair, food and cigarette butts.  Well, I don't smoke but I have been guilty of flushing hair (after my self-haircutting benders).  I also occasionally use the toilet to dispose of leftovers that are too messy to put in the garbage and too chunky to go down the sink...think chunky soup...gross I know and I do it rarely but it seemed to be the best solution.

I started feeling bad as the article outlined the amount of water wasted by unnecessary flushes (between 3 and 20 litres depending on your toilet) and realized I'd never given it any thought before.  I do try to save water...I don't leave the water running while brushing my teeth or washing the dishes, I don't wash my driveway like some of my old neighbours, and I only wash my car once or twice a summer (well that might be out of laziness but it *does* save water!)

After reading the article and really looking inward at my eco-friendly desires, I have come up with a solution that will still allow me to use my toilet as an untraditional waste disposal system and will also be water conscious.

From now on, I will only flush my toilet once daily.  And I'll pee in the pool.

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