Friday, March 18, 2011


Rarely do I get excited at a sandwich.  I like sandwiches, but today for some reason I was excited at my creation.  Maybe because I love fresh produce, and cutting a beautiful, ripe tomato or pulling off crisp lettuce leaves reminds me of being a kid with a giant garden out back where we would pull veggies straight from the ground, brush them off and eat them whole.  Or because the thought of oven roasted turkey, sliced so thin the pieces fall apart as you pick them up makes my mouth water.  Or because I was able to find my favourite kind of bread at the grocery store that often doesn't have it, and the whole grain goodness of sunflower seeds and flax is so fresh and squishy that I want to eat it straight out of the bag.

In any case, today I made a sandwich that excited me so much I debated pulling out some tapered candles, putting on some jazz music and savouring each bite. 

I settled for the TV and a diet coke but it was still sooo good!  I had to share!

And I am actually a bit sad that it is all gone.  But it was sooo yummy!

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