Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Memories

I thought it might be nice to tell you about one of my favourite memories with my kiddo from when he was about 6 years old.  It's a simple one but I love it.

It was the middle of summer and raining outside, more like a light drizzle but there was a rainfall warning in effect.  My kiddo and I had to run to Walmart to get something...I can't remember what it was, but probably something mundane like silly putty or duct tape.

As we went into Walmart, we walked at a normal pace, and we were looking up at the rain as it fell.  it was warm, not quite like a shower but close, and it started to come down a bit heavier.  Some people were running in, or pulling their shirts over their heads.  We thought that was funny, because the rain won't melt you!

Once we were finished at Walmart, we stepped outside to see that the rainfall was torrential.  It was coming down in sheets, and people were waiting under the covered sidewalk for it to let up.  My kiddo and I decided to brave it, and we walked again, feeling the rain hit our heads and faces, soaking through our shoes with each step.  We were giggling and having fun as we strolled to the car. 

I spied a giant puddle, and without warning I ran and jumped in it with both feet, soaking any part of my little guy that wasn't already soaked.  He gasped and then burst out laughing as he ran towards me to jump in as well.  There were no cars nearby and we spent about five minutes taking turns jumping in the puddle, covering ourselves in dirty ground water and laughing until our tummies hurt.

When we were done, we looked like drowned rats.  I glanced back and saw people looking at us from the covered sidewalk, probably wondering what psych ward we'd escaped from, or maybe wondering what kind of mother would let her kid do that.  Maybe they were wishing they could let down their guard enough to run and jump in the puddle too!

We both had to shower and change once we were home but he talked about that for years and we both still laugh when we remember how much silly fun it was!


therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

I love it.. I always say jumping in rain puddles is only cool for so long so I point the best ones out to my kids :) LOVE THIS!!

Staceroo said...

You're right - you have to enjoy stuff like this while they still think it's fun!