Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Neighbours Must Hate Us!

We just moved into our house in June and I am convinced the neighbours must hate us!  The family that moved out had two teens but no pets.  We have a teen, a baby and two big old dogs.  Our dogs don't bark all the time but if they see a neighbour in their own yard, it's like they are defending their country, barking in the most intimidating, loud, persistent way!

In the winter it's not terrible mainly because the neighbours take refuge in their homes.  I know once spring comes we'll go back to the early morning, afternoon and late night barks.

Today, the neighbours got the added pleasure of a dog fight...a real, honest to goodness dog fight, complete with snarling, leaping dogs, and me standing in the doorway, hair all askew, wearing threadbare jammies and slippers screaming at them to stop.

Yep.  They hate us.


Disney Redhead said...

Are your dogs outside all the time? Do you bring them in when they start barking?

Staceroo said...

They are indoor dogs - they go out to play and do their business. We are in the suburbs so although we have a big yard, we do have neighbours on all sides. As soon as they bark they come in...but one dog is hard to distract if he sees something (squirrel, neighbour etc) It's not too bad - the odd 6am bark is embarassing...we try to limit it but it happens now and then!

Disney Redhead said...

Oh, as long as you bring them in when they start barking...I don't see a problem with it.

We, on the other hand, have neighbors who let their dogs bark for literally HOURS, non-stop. Now THAT is annoying.

Staceroo said...

That would be awful! I feel bad when they bark even once during the day! We used to have neighbours with a small dog that they'd leave outside barking every evening from 6 until 11pm...and he'd bark like crazy!