Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last night, while chatting with my dear Hubby, we somehow got onto the topic of our cereal cupboard (we're married, what can I say?)  He told me that we have 12 boxes of opened cereal.  I laughed.  Twelve boxes?  Ya right.  He insisted that he wasn't exaggerating.

This morning I went to pour some cereal and found that he was exaggerating.  I *love* being right.  Although in this case I am still a bit embarassed by what I found.

Now, if you don't count the oatmeal, you will clearly see there are only eleven (that's right dear Hubby, eleven!) opened boxes of cereal.  Ha!  So you did exaggerate.  I love being right!

Of course if you count the oatmeal, it's 15 but we who's counting?

Sooooo I guess we're having cereal for dinner.

**Edited this post to say that as I walked away from the computer I remembered we are completely out of milk!  No wonder we have so much cereal.**


Heather said...

LOL one thing they need to remember is they are never right lol..

CC said...

LMAO that is awesome! I feel bad for the 4 boxes we have!