Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scattered Thoughts

Dear Mr. Snowplow driver:
It didn't snow yesterday and there is no snow on the ground.  At all.  So was it really necessary to scrape the ground repeatedly at 4:19 am, and then reverse while your plow went "beep  beep  beep beep" over and over and over?  I finally got up to call the city to complain but by then you decided you'd had enough fun waking people up and off you went on your merry way.  Jerk.

Dear Dear Hubby:
I know we don't have a king sized bed, and it's never been a problem before, but is it necessary to flatten yourself across two thirds of the bed like a pancake?  Maybe I was just irritated with Mr. Snowplow  but it sure seemed like you were trying to overtake the bed and knock me to the floor with the dog.

Dear Tim Hortons:
My biggest pet peeve these days is poor customer service, and I must say that our trip through your drive through for coffee this morning was interesting.  Your staff member was so cheerful and perky, almost bubbling out of her skin, and we couldn't help but smile and laugh.  She was a bit over  the top, but it was a great way to start the day!  Thank you!  (and I won a coffee on Roll Up The Rim so that was an added bonus!)

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