Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love My Dentist

I have the best dentist in the world.  Seriously.  Several of my family members who go to him also feel the same rents a car to get to him when needed and the other comes from a town 2 hrs away just to see him!

Somehow, in my life chaos of an engagement, a wedding, renting our house, buying another and having a baby I forgot to go see my dentist for three years...ooops!

So today was the day.  I also booked an appointment for my kiddo, since March break is the best time to have to get up early to see your dentist...right?  That's what all the other moms said. 

Anyways, we packed up Little Miss and off we went to see the hygenist Gina (also the best hygenist in the entire world!)

I went first while my son watched Little Miss, in a tiny waiting room with a mom and her three small girls, all curious about the boy with the baby!  Poor kid!  He was an awesome help though!

Although we were both told our teeth look great for three years having gone by, I have two areas that need work redone as it is quite old and wearing down, and he has a couple of small things to get done.

As we left, we each got our traditional goody bags.  Yes my dentist gives out loot bags.  Not just a free toothbrush.  Entire loot bags!  To everyone...even adults!

Here's mine:
A toothbrush, floss, soft picks and floss sticks!

Here's my kiddo's:

Yes.  I got soft picks and he got gum!  What the heck is that all about?!? 

Just kidding...I still love my loot bag!  And Dr. Chin.  And Gina.


Disney Redhead said...

I like my dentist a lot too.

(And he also gives similar loot bags...haha.)

Marcila Dare said...

Wow, you didn't visit the dentist for three years??! Well, that's fine since he already assured you that your teeth are still in good condition. Nice! Oooh, those loot bags are kinda sweet. Your dentist must be really cool.

Staceroo said...

Yep - Normally I go every 9months to 12 months, but with all of the life chaos he somehow got bumped off of my priorities! He is pretty awesome...I hope he never, ever retires!

Eduardo Tomlin said...

After 3 years of not visiting the dentist, it looks like you were able to take care of your teeth properly! Good for you! I hope that you’ll never miss your dentist appointment again.

Weston Wadlington said...

“I have the best dentist in the world”. What a compliment! Anyway, though your teeth are healthy, after not going to the dentist for 3 years, still, you must consider getting regular dental checkups. Okay? After all, it’s all for your own sake.