Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Confession Time

It's time for me to confess.  I had a bad mommy moment awhile back and only told one you will all know what a horrible mommy I am and I can move on.

About 2 weeks after Little Miss was born I took her to the grocery store to pick up some much needed food (the cupboards were so bare we were pulling out the canned lentils I bought in 1998 and forgot about).

I was hopeful that people would maintain their distance with the baby - some people can be so pushy, sticky their fingers right in to touch a baby they don't even know!  As I walked through the aisles and filled my cart with a few staples and treats, I was pleasantly surprised to note that while some people commented on how cute she was, or asked how old she was, nobody tried to touch her.

We reached the cashier and I was so happy that we'd made it through, and chatted with the nice lady about the baby.
her: "Oh she's adorable, how old is she?"
me:  "She's 2 weeks."
her:  "Oh look, she's awake, what colour are her eyes?"
me:   "They're blue"
her:   "And what's her name?"

I blanked.

I literally could not remember my baby's name.  At all.  Didn't even know what it started with.  I could feel the cashier's beady eyes on me as my brain raced a million miles a minute digging into every recess it could find.  I visualized the baby name lists and all of the names we'd added on - some crossed out by me and some by the Hubby.  Do you think I could find the one name we'd actually chosen?  Nope.

All of this occurs in a millisecond and I realize the cashier is still waiting.  Deep down I am feeling like the absolute worst mother on the planet - who could forget their baby's name?  So, I improvised.

me:   "Sydney"

her:  "Oh Sydney, what a pretty name"

Yes ladies and gentleman, I renamed my kid in the checkout lane of the grocery store at two weeks old.  Wow.

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