Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top O The Mornin (Afternoon) To Ya

What a glorious, beautiful day...the sun is shining and I took Little Miss on a very long walk.  I used my new Pedometer App (Pedometer FREE GPS+ by Arawella Corp) which was fabulous.  I am not entirely sure how exact it is but it's pretty close.  I walked 10749 Steps, which was 8.3km with an average speed of 6km per hour.  It uses GPS as well to be more accurate and, the best part, for you cheapskates like's free!!! It has a music setting as looks like you can upload songs right into it, but I just listened to the music on my ipod (on the phone) while I walked and they both worked together.  Fabulous!

Sorry there are no pics.  :(

But I can post one of my princess in her St. Paddy's attire

We went to the grocery store and sooo many people commented!  Then she promptly spit up on it when we got home...oh well, it was cute while it lasted!

And here's me - it's an old pic but I look a little St. Patrick-y!  Might indulge in a green beer later (I though of doing it now for the photo op, then knew I couldn't waste a beer, but felt like a bad mommy drinking while alone with the baby in the middle of the this is all ya get!

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