Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After the baptism on Sunday we were absolutely exhausted. There was not enough food left from earlier in the day to justify not making dinner, unless I ordered my son to fill up on 36 olives and 14 chocolate cupcakes.

Being the good mom and wife that I am I knew I had to make sure that my boys were fed so I did what any good mom and wife would do. I made a healthy dinner ordered pizza.

This was the conversation with my dear hubby:

Me: I'm not cooking. Let's get pizza.
DH: Okay.
Me: Can you call?
DH: Sure. Do you want it from place A or place B?
Me: Sure.
DH: which place?
Me: (silly laughter)
DH: Or should I just look for the first pizza Menu I can find in the drawer?
Me: Use the second one you find.
Me: Call Place B.
DH: Okay.

When the pizza arrived it was from Place A.  (After looking back at the conversation we had before ordering, I suppose I can let him off the hook for ordering from the wrong place.)

Lately we have been making an effort to eat all leftovers rather than throw them out, so last night, we decided to have leftover pizza.  Unfortunately I was not in the mood for pizza (Place A puts way too much cheese on it and too much cheese makes my tummy hurt).  Instead, I ate carrots. 

Well, okay, it was carrot cake.

Three pieces.  But in my defense they were very small pieces. 

Later I got on the treadmill for an hour and when I got off I was starving.  I hate eating late at night - it makes me feel yucky, but I knew I needed something.  I decided to make a piece of toast, and then decided to bring it to bed to watch TV.  As I went upstairs, my dear hubby called out "Make sure not to get crumbs in the bed." 

"Okay" I called out.  I would hate to sleep in toast crumbs - they would be scratchy and irritating.

Sooo  to make sure I didn't have to sleep in toast crumbs, I ate it on his side of the bed.  Shhh, don't tell.

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